Shattered Dreams-from 2007

A beautiful soul passes as it collides with a tree

Left behind are heavy, broken, shattered hearts

35 years-is that really enough?

Two people finally find what they believe to be the love of their lives and in an instant, it’s all taken away

in the drunken hands of a selfish fool who shouldn’t have been behind the wheel to begin with.

He literally walked away from the scene, called for a ride, walked past my bleeding friends, caught his ride,

went home and passed out.


What’s left behind are two crushed families, a lost love, friend, aunt, sister, daughter, sassy, hot bartender, but she was much more than that.

There will be no cute snapshots on their bedroom wall

No love nest

No future Skababies

1st Tuesday-he lost his dad

2nd Tuesday-he lost his love

3rd Tuesday-he went back to sleep

In honor of Kristi & Tony and the love they shared

& in loving memory of Kristi & her beautiful soul RIP


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Filed under Poetry, Real Life, Writing

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