On with the Show

All 10 production buses pulled out of the parking lot of the PNE Coliseum at exactly 2 am. It was time to get the show on the road. After 2 weeks of pre-production, it’s time to put it all to the test. So begins 7 weeks of long, grueling days & beautiful music. Goodbye for now Vancouver. See you in 7 days.

When I woke up in my bunk at 9:30 am, with the bus still in motion, I felt not only refreshed, but excited as well, because I could feel that the tour had really begun. As I walked into the front lounge of the bus, I was overtaken with the beauty of Glacier National Park surrounding us from all angles. I can truly understand now why Canadians are so proud of their country. I sat in awe in the rumble seat at the front of the bus for a good hour’s time before I even thought to grab my camera.

At first, I was only taking pictures with my phone, but that proved annoying & more time consuming than if I was just to run back & grab my camera, so I did. Once I had my camera turned on, I just let the moment dictate what I photographed, which was mostly everything. There were beautiful white cap mountains all around us, as well as cliffs mere inches from the side of the bus. Cutting through & around the mountains were beautiful aqua colored streams & rivers. The wildlife here is amazing & not at all afraid of the flowing traffic on the roads beside their home. I saw not only Canadian deer, which do look quite a bit different than the ones in Michigan, but was also able to see 5 Big Horned Sheep. They were amazing, standing & walking literally right next to the road. I wasn’t able to photograph them, unfortunately. Hopefully on the way from Edmonton back to Vancouver.

A couple of hours after I woke up, we ran into an area of construction where the crew had the entire eastbound side closed for through traffic. We all began to step out of our buses, to stretch our legs, take in the beauty all around us & talk amongst each other. We ended up there for quite a while, which was just fine with us. Many of us broke out with our cameras & video cameras, taking photos of the mountains around us & each other. A few of us from bus 8 did some yoga on the side of the road, while also photographing each other doing so. It was not only fun, it was refreshing & felt wonderful, breathing in the fresh Canadian mountain air. Seth, our bus captain & sponsor tour coordinator, and myself began throwing rocks from the road to a nearby stream. After nearly ten tries, I was finally able to sink a few rocks into the stream. I felt accomplished….yes, it sounds silly, but I have always prided myself on having a good arm. This was also a good time to collect a couple stones & I found three lovely ones that I washed off & added to the bag.

A few of the buses, including ours, stopped at a fueling station to fill up the buses & for us to use the washrooms. Yes, I’m using the Canadian terminology. As we were there, a light rain began to fall….it felt so good, so clean. I may just be imagining the difference in this world versus the one I’m used to living in, but I don’t believe that I am.

As I type this, we are approximately 90 miles from Calgary, where we will check into our hotel for the next 2 days, before our show on Sunday. Already, I can tell the difference between British Columbia & Alberta, at least along this route, as it becoming less mountainous & instead looks hilly, then turns into flatter land, with the mountains fading into the background. There is just something so wonderful about fresh air; trees & wide open land that makes me feel alive, as if in a different world. Out the left window of the back lounge, I just saw a field of brown cows, on the right is a stream. It’s a different kind of beautiful than driving across the United States. It looks different. It feels different. For all my rambling about how I have a hard time seeing Canada as a foreign country, seeing that I grew up with it next door, this trip is opening my eyes to the reality that Canada is clearly different than the United States in so many ways.

I have had the most wonderful time in the 6 days I have spent on the west coast of Canada so far & I don’t see that changing at any point during the times we’ll spend here during the tour. I look forward to every adventure coming my way & will do my very best to keep up on the blog, so I can have written memory of this tour.

Next stop……Calgary, AL



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3 responses to “On with the Show

  1. Jenn I await your arrive in Toronto for some many reasons but I feel for you to just be there and maybe feel a add feeling to all of your others – not closer but a fimilar feel maybe. I make no sense I do know this but I think you know when I am coming from.

    Just remember we love you and him oh so so much and we feel it all with you also.

    Love, Hugs and all my strenght for you my dear friend

    Love you heaps honey


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