Sing This All Together

As the end of this Lilith Fair journey nears, I have many emotions about the experience. Of course there is the excitement of seeing loved ones that I haven’t seen in months, but there are others as well.
One thing I am feeling is a sense of sadness at leaving the road. I do love it out here so. I may be on a tour that travels at a fairly fast pace, so I don’t see all the cities we visit, but when I do, it’s a wonderful experience. I have a feeling I’ll be out again soon though.

Another thing I have been thinking about is how used to & quite fond I’ve become of my bus family. They are a beautiful group of individuals who I was lucky enough to be paired with on our home for the summer, bus 8, or Tonya, as our driver Chris has named her.
There are other friends that I have made on the tour that I will miss, who I hope to stay in touch with or maybe even work with again. There are also people I will not miss & hope the best for them, but don’t wish to have in my life. I’m not a fan of dishonest or two-faced people, so it will be nice to step away from other peoples drama.
I’m sure I’ll have it in me to write more extensively about the tour one I’m home, but for now I just wanted to share what I’m feeling today, in Hartford, second to last show on Lilith Fair, an experience in which I will never forget.


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